Rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for foot pain

Improves the foot’s biomechanical alignment in order to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort.

Prevents foot's wear and soothes toe inflammations

A weak foot and foot arch will negatively affect your walk. Flat feet and a big toe that has a tendency to stick out will result as you walk. As you set your foot down, the foot position will push the big toe against the others. By pushing on the foot, you make sure it has a good position, re-supinating the foot in an optimal manner and strengthening the foot’s arch preventing flat feet. Correcting these factors reduce lateral forces that push against the big toe and that puts excerssive wear on the foot.

When your weakened foot has to bare your body weight, it is forced to settle and to pronate (flat feet). This tension and shearing can lead to plantar fasciitis. When the foot’s and foot’s arch’s muscles are toned, the structure doesn’t have to support as much tension and shearing. Foot Trainer’s System helps to strengthen muscles that support your foot in a way that your foot’s arch is stronger.

Clinically proven to soothe pain

Reduces the risk of injury by efficiently controlling and strengthening the foot’s muscular system.

Each time your foot is flattened or settled excessively, your lower leg is twisted. This twisting provokes a premature wear of the knee which is the reason of many of its problems during walk. The numerous and repeated small impacts along your leg will be minimized when your lower leg is stabilized upon impact. A stronger foot will thus reduce the twisting force on your lower leg and lessen premature knee wear.

Hip and lower back pain

With each step, an excessively weak foot arch will force the hips to oscillate up and down, creating undue lower back stress. With each step, the impact creates an effect that follows up your leg going thru your hip, back and all the way to your neck. A stronger foot has a better biomechanical function and evenly reduces this twisting in the leg, thus minimizing hip joint rotation and oscillation.