Progressive strengthening and conditioning

Foot Trainer’s foot strengthening system offers a distinctive “dome”, built to receive a series of unique parts, sorted by color, interchangeable, ranging from soft to firm to reach the desired degree of stimulation.

Advantages of Foot Trainer’s system both prevent and rehabilitate, being the natural choice to treat kids and elderlies

  • Improves resistance, flexibility and control following a natural conditioning of the foot’s musculature
  • Increases muscle tone, comfort and performance, allows a controlled movement of the foot’s arch to absorb normal impacts.
  • Increases the foot’s arch’s stability, resulting in a lower incidence of plantar fasciitis
  • Reduces back pain by bettering posture, enhancing the natural ability to absorb impact
  • Reduces the foot’s arch’s weakening, knee related problems while bettering walking control.
  • Reduces frictions that are responsible for excessive foot wear thanks to a proper biomechanical alignment.
  • Reduces the risk of injuries by providing an ideal balance between muscle strength and flexibility while remaining energetic and in control of the foot’s muscles