Acts like a workout program right in your shoe !

The revolutionary system by Foot Trainer doesn’t support nor pads the foot, it rather uses a unique dome system that smoothly triggers the foot’s muscle contractions, strengthening those that are too weak, just as if you were crushing a tennis ball with your hand. Triggers the body’s biological feedback systems for a natural rehabilitation process. Foot Trainer’s system stimulates and enhances muscular strength and flexibility by improving the foot’s arch’s natural structure, lowering the risk of injuries, pain or discomfort.


Foot Trainer

• Stimulates the foot’s stabilizing muscles’ activity, which enhances their strength and flexibility.
• Allows for a greater foot movements all the while maintaining it’s structure’s integrity.
• Allows for a maximal strengthening of the foot’s arch and foot stability

Foot Trainer’s system uses your own biological feedback mechanism to promote natural stability and absorption capacity of your feet. The distinctive dome of the soles gently pushes against the arch of your feet triggering an involuntary muscle contraction which raises it. The system includes various parts from soft to firm, which gradually increases the foot’s muscle stimulation. As you gradually increase the firmness of the sole, you strengthen your feet just as you would any other muscle in a standard exercise program. The end result will be that your feet will be stronger and more flexible than before. You will have a sensation of well being and will be less prone to injuries.


YES! Anyone, from kids to elderlies, can use Barefoot Science’s foot strengthening system to improve their well-being and performance. In fact, studies show that 90% of people living in cities can benefit from Foot Trainer’s system, including construction workers, postal service employees, military personnel and athletes. In short, anyone spending a lot of time standing. Foot Trainer’s system is used by health professionals and pro athletes. What’s more, it has been clinically proven to eliminate 95% of all discomforts related to walking.